Website Announcement

Col has setup the website so that I, Brian, and a few other committee members, can add posts to the site. This means that updates will be added more frequently, not just when Col can be tempted out of his cave.

So all you members can look forward to me saying nice things about you […]

Alert Members will notice ….

… that the newsletters provided by Kevin & Natalie are all there and now listed in reverse chronological sequence. That way you don’t need to use your fingers & toes to work out which is the current newsletter; it’s the one at the top.

Also, you will note there’s a new link underneath the heading […]


Kevin and Natalie McDonald have kindly offered to donate their time and expertise to producing a newsletter for the interest and amusement of club members.

Thanks Kevin & Natalie!

Check the link in the right hand column under Club News for current and future newsletters.

Dare I say it, the success of their newsletter depends […]