I met a traveller from a far-off land…

No, not Ozimandias, Helmuth Lehner.

Helmuth dropped in on the Tigers’ field at Boonah recently on his second round-world flight.

It’s taken him 100 hours to reach Boonah from his native Austria. Why wouldn’t he stopover at Boonah? It’s the foremost aviation centre this side of, well, Austria!

He stayed only long enough to do a 100-hour service on his aircraft, a Czech built Aerospool Dynamic, and departed a few days later from Coolangatta for Noumea, then on to Hawaii and the West Coast.

The Tigers immensely enjoyed his company and the many tales he told of his adventures.

You can keep up with him at: http://www.weltumrunder.at/

Happy landings, Helmuth!